No more empty bagage, No more expensive shipping.

Boan-jo is revolutionizing shipping by connecting travelers with senders, reducing costs and environmental impact through innovative, sustainable solutions.

How Boanjo works

Travelers and senders are connected

Boan-jo connects travelers and senders for cost-effective, sustainable shipping solutions.

Transform your luggage into extra cash and save on your travels with Boan-jo

Monetize your empty luggage and fund your travels with Boan-jo. We will connect you with senders, so you can sell your luggage quickly and affordably, without the hassle of promoting on social media. Plan your trip, post it on Boan-jo, and let us do the rest!

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Get empty luggage and the best price offers

With Boan-jo, you do not have to choose between speed and affordability. Our network of travelers is dedicated to delivering your goods quickly and at the best possible price. Choose Boan-jo for a shipping experience that is both convenient and cost-effective.

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Get competitive shipping rates to any destination

Say goodbye to overpriced shipping rates and hello to Boan-jo competitive pricing. We offer the best rates on shipping to any destination, anywhere in the world.

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